What is web3?
Good question. We're going to use that term a lot. To help you understand web3, let's recap.
Put simply, web1 was the Internet of the early 90s. Information could be shared, but the pages didn't allow for much interaction. You could see what a store offered, but had to call it to place an order. You could see a map, but couldn't chart a route based on anticipated traffic levels.
Web2 is the Internet as you know it. Websites and services are highly integrated. Purchases can be paid for online and shipping labels can be generated automatically. Itineraries and meetings can appear in your calendar without having to manually put them there. Much of web2 is smart and efficient. A downside of web2, however, is that the vast majority of interactions are reliant upon the systems and integrations of a handful of companies, and as a result, privacy and anonymity feel hard to hold on to.
Enter web3. Developed in part out of a desire to create something new and in part to escape the seemingly-constant tracking and monitoring by behemoths who try to anticipate your every want and need, web3 aims to be a kinder, cooperative, more egalitarian place - for the most part. (There are bad actors everywhere, and you should always act with caution, but at the core of web3, collaboration and equal opportunity are valued objectives.) This sense of community and opportunity to have a voice is generally core to DAOs. Contrary to many an uninformed social media post, activities on web3 are not untraceable; they're actually extremely traceable. However, privacy and anonymity can often be maintained, which is a refreshing change for many.

Those new to web3 and looking to participate in DAOs, may need to engage with unfamiliar tools, apps, and websites. Here's a short list of the basics. Those marked with an * are fundamental.
* In order to engage with web3, you need a digital wallet to serve as your login and ID. For the purposes of interacting with your DAO on a computer, an easy wallet to use is offered by Metamask. For the purposes of tracking multiple crypto investments and your NFTs on your phone, we like the wallets offered by Coinbase and Rainbow (iPhone only). If you only want one wallet, start with Metamask. We recommend pinning the wallet extension to your browser, as you'll connect to it frequently to enter conversations and access information in web3.
Other apps commonly used by web3 folks include: Discord Twitter Telegram Signal
NOTE: Do not give your seed phrase - the string of random words needed to access your crypto assets in case you lose the login information - to anyone. Ever. (Except to a beloved beneficiary upon your death.) Giving your seed phrase is akin to handing over your social security number and bank account login all in one. DO NOT SHARE YOUR SEED PHRASE. WITH ANYONE. EVER. PLEASE.
We'll be back to add to and update this list periodically. Have a question or better tool to recommend, let us know at [email protected]
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