Joining a DAO

How do I join a DAO?

Just as there is no universally agreed-to definition of exactly what constitutes a DAO, there's also no universal set of requirements or processes for joining a DAO, or even what DAO membership means. Each DAO defines its own requirements for membership. Some of the most common DAO membership types are outlined below.

Token-based membership

With token-based membership, you need only hold the right asset in order to join the DAO. Examples include owning an NFT from the BAYC collection, or holding a minimum amount of a specific token (uJENNY, MKR) that can be purchased or earned. Token-based membership is usually permissionless. The DAO interface checks your crypto wallet to confirm you have the required token and automatically grants you access to the DAOs members-only spaces. The asset is not given to the DAO and doesn't leave your possession or control. However, If you divest yourself of the required asset, you'll no longer be able to access the DAO.

Share-based membership

Share-based memberships are typically permissioned. Prospective members submit proposals or apply to join, usually offering a tribute of some value, such as tokens, assets, or work. If approved, the new member is awarded ownership and voting power. In cases where joining requires contributing tokens or funds, these assets are moved into the DAO's treasury. With share-based membership, members can typically exit with their share of the treasury according to the DAO's pre-established terms.

Is financial investment required to join a DAO?

Not necessarily. But recall that one of the draws of the DAO infrastructure is a fully-transparent treasury and voting governance that is awarded based on ownership. If a group doesn't require these features, they may not need to be a DAO.

How do people engage with a DAO?

Every DAO is different, and each should let you know where their member interaction takes place. Likely, web3 novices will need to use tools or platforms they haven't used before. Check out our web3 starter kit to get the essentials.


Logos' recommendation is to worry less about the hurdles and to focus on the destination. Start by determining which DAOs you might be interested in, then figure out the process and requirements of joining.