What is Logos?

Logos' purpose is to grow and support the web3 ecosystem, especially DAOs. Our approach is is multi-faceted.
First and foremost, Logos is a gateway to DAOs for both the web3-initiated and true novices. Logos is where you can discover and join DAOs that align with your passions.
Additionally, Logos is helping develop the DAO community by providing services ranging from implementing DAO tooling to comprehensive DAO-building partnerships. Though not a strict requirement, Logos-curated DAOs tend to bridge the "real world" / web3 divide by centering on IRL (tangible) assets.
While DAOs have been around for a few years, they are just starting to break the confines of the web3 ecosystem. Until recently, most DAOs formed to design, develop, and manage decentralized protocols; provide funding to web3 native applications; or invest in digital assets. Due to the work of these early settlers, the basic infrastructure is in place for DAOs to be built and run, and it's easier for those new to web3 to explore. Logos is here to help facilitate the magic of web3 as it enters the tangible world, and vice versa.
Logos’ mission is to make DAOs accessible to millions of people by helping them discover and achieve an alignment of their personal passions, economic interests, and desire for community. Welcome to DAOs!